Electronics, Computers, Phones & I.T. Support


Audio Hardware

As a studio engineer, I am fascinated by audio hardware, synthesisers, turntables & amplifiers. The repair of such devices is a focal point of my work. I can restore your favourite vintage device to its former glory.

Macs & PCs

I can spec, build and customise a PC for you, I can repair, diagnose and upgrade Apple hardware. I can also perform board-level repairs on troublesome mother/logic boards which have been affected by liquid damage or other faults.

IT/Technical Support

I’m proficient in networking, system configuration and many macOS, Windows & Linux applications. This experience gives me the ability to help you solve issues which prevent your office from running smoothly.

Phones & Tablets

I frequently repair cracked screens, broken charging ports and many other common issues which affect phones & tablets. As a micro soldering specialist, I can fix devices that many shops turn away.


Workshop based in Edinburgh, Scotland.